Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break in St. George!

Karate Kiddo!

As Lauren puts it, "This is Easy Peasy"

Preston disappeared whenever we were at the house, he was out shooting the air soft gun at anything and everything that moved....or didn't move. I caught up to him once and he said to me, "Mom, you see this gun here? this is what I call "The Cats Meow!"

What a fun vacation! So blessed we were able to go, thanks to the week of shoe parties I booked down south, we paid for the trip, hope to return soon!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Snowmobiling with the fam!


CRAZY DRIVER!...Hang on for dear life!

Well, here's the just. . . Matt really wanted to learn a few "snowmo tricks" So here is the first attempt to go UP-HILL! Um, hate to break it to ya Matt, but that is more like IN-HILL! A+ for tryin' though RIGHT?!

Friday, February 13, 2009

My favorite BOY, and my favorite GIRL!

My favorite BOY!

My "stud muffin, cool motorcycle dude" (word layout Preston "INSISTED" on)

OKAY, so tuck this shoulder here, lay him flat here, and.....1...2...3 PIN!!! WAHOO!

Well, it took Preston a while to decide if he even LIKED wrestling, but after a few good lessons and Dad as coach, he learned he had strength....MOOCHO STRENGTH! As the biggest wrestler (definitely the sweetest, Preston hates confrontation, he is every ones friend, doesn't like to hurt ANYONE! I heard him tell an opponent once,"don't worry, its almost over" (the boy was crying cuz he was getting beat) He learned to muscle his way to a gold medal, and more important.....SELF CONFIDENCE!

My favorite GIRL!

My beautiful little princess!

This may look like a coopertive little angel who loves to get her picture taken. . . . NOPE! There just happened to be a BEE flying around and these are the "Mommy help me, I am scared" poses. Lauren is WAY to busy of a little girl to stop and pose for pictures! Thank You Mr. Bee!

Up close and personal!

JUNO who this is?
Well, none other than our Beka and Andy! bet you thought it was the "REAL THING"
And NO, that is not a real baby bump!


Guess we are giving in to the "blog thing?" And since I am computer illiterate, I had to have my Bro. come over and help me do it! Thanks Matt!
Don't know how great this will look? Hopefully better with time and practice, but I am certainly looking forward to keeping updated with all my wonderful friends and family!